[EN] Clearing your mailbox via webmail (high quota)

When your mailbox is close to hitting it's quota, you will typically receive an email which warns you about this. You then need to login to your webmail to clean up and delete old mails. To do this, you need to:

1. Login to webmail.pil.dk


2. You can typically see the amount of mails next to the different folderswebmail.unread.png

It's not always you see the right amount of mails, as it's only unread mails which are being shown here.

3. There are 3 ways of cleaning your mailbox.

3.1. Delete EVERYTHING, here you delete everything in the different folders. It's very effective and your quota is quickly low again.

3.2. Delete with care, here you don't delete everything, only the emails that take up a lot of space such as those with attached photos, videos or other kinds of media.

3.3 Delete mails which you don't use or has to be saved, here you only delete  the mails you won't need anymore or won't need at a later point in time, it could for example be current tickets which are being handled via email.

4. When you've cleaned your mailbox, you will start to see a low quota again after a few minutes


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